November 1st

How is it already November?

I am joining the other crazies and writing my NaNoWriMo novel, but I am reading, too. October was great and full of life, and I regret that I did it post more. So, here is to blogging a great deal more in November.

Just finished Finishing School # 2 and ripe to start the third one, review soon. I realize that I have a bunch of things to post. Eek.

How is your November 1st?

Recent Acquisition

Both my husband and I are fans of the BBC series, Sherlock. Unfortunately, we are both not as familiar with the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Enter the BBC’s line of books released for the show. Granted, they are reprints of the original tales by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—this affords the both of us the opportunity to read the original books that spawned the fandom.

If you follow my Instagram page, or check out the widget on the right hand side of my website, you may have seen one of the newest book sets I’ve gotten for myself and my husband to share…


I’m really excited to read these, in the mood for a good, classic mystery.

How about you? What have you shared this week?

:: Manic Monday :: October 13, 2014

It’s Monday, that day of the week where Sheila at Book Journey asks us what we’re reading… Well, folks, you asked for it.


This is what I’m currently reading…

9780804140904PridePrejudiceSplinter4a53cfeca4474039e12622759d019dbddealingwithdragons th

Doctor Who:Crawling Terror is purely for review (and fun). Pride and Prejudice is my ‘I have to read this this summer’ book (gateway to the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series). Terms of Endearment (and the first book in the series, Moving On, are something I want to read because I have heard good things). Dealing with Dragons is the LEP (League of Extraordinary Penpal) book club pick and The Graveyard Book is for Noveltea book club.


My review of Doctor Who: The Blood Cell is live.

I did a Show & Tell with one of my favorite books of all time–check out my video Show & Tell about a Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

I had some fun with a new app (fatmumslim’s Little Moments) about some comics I need to read. Check out fatmumslim’s site, or check out more about the Little Moments Apple Application.

So, what’s up/new with you?

::Review:: Doctor Who : The Blood Cell by James Goss


As a Whovian, I have a responsibility to read anything and everything about the Doctor I can get my hands onto, especially since I live in America, and we may have to wait for months to get our ‘fix’ of the doctor. The Doctor is almost always portrayed as the good guy, which I completely believe. However, it is nice to see the opposite side of things—James Goss shows us this side of the Doctor in Doctor Who: The Blood Cell.

Imagine the worst and most dangerous criminals known to mankind and beyond. They’re collected on an asteroid, moving through space. The most advanced systems are in place to keep the prisoners in and any visitors out. Including prisoner 428, known as the Doctor. 428 is making friends, and trouble, while in the prison, setting all of the rules on its head, all the while something sinister starts stealing prisoners—before the Prison Governor knows it, an entire floor is empty. The Governor may need to break the rules and use the help of 428 in order to save the entire prison.

James Goss has done a great job with this book, taken from the viewpoint of the Governor. At first, you want to hate this man—why did he imprison the Doctor? But then you start to realize that there is more going on and as the story goes on, more layers are peeled back. It’s a really refreshing look at a sort of prison caper/good vs unknown evil type of story and it fits well into the place of the Doctor Who universe.

The Governor is a character that is a hard one to pinpoint. There are events throughout the story that make you question motives, as well as the reality, and once you determine what is really going on, you realize Goss did a great job laying everything out. Of course, the Doctor heavily plays within this book, too, and it is really nice to see him shine in the ‘dark horse’ way he does. The way the two end up working together is really nice, as well.

Overall, the supporting cast was just as good as I wanted to meet and talk to Lafcardio, and see the library he presided over. The mercenary Abesse was really cool once you learned more about her. I wanted to slap Bently, multiple times, throughout the novel. Clara was, as usual, a pretty awesome addition and she did something that was pretty amazing that changed the attitude of the novel about 75% of the way through.

I think this book would be great for Whovians, or people whom have never seen the show—because it is a great entry point. You do not need to know whom the Doctor is in this novel, and the Governor learns things throughout that point to established ‘facts’ about the Doctor, but it is not necessary to have read them.

I was provided a copy of this book from the Publisher, Broadway Books (a division of Random House), in exchange for my honest review. I thoroughly recommend this book. It is currently out now, in paperback, and ranges about $9.99—check it out at your favorite retailer or ebook retailer today!

Also, if you want to find out more about author, James Goss, please visit his Author Page at Random House.

::Review:: Doctor Who: Silhouette by Justin Richards



I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


I have a confession, I am a Whovian. I’ve even turned other people onto the show—my husband proposed to me during an episode. I’ve watched the show since childhood. When I was offered the opportunity to review a Dr Who book, I jumped at the chance.

Doctor Who and Clara read a strange energy spike and land the TARDIS in late 19th century London. There have been a rash of mysterious deaths, the only thing tying the victims together is the mysterious Carnival of Curiosities. Soon, the two are working with some old friends to solve the mystery—before any more bodies pile up.

Justin Richards does a great job of pulling in viewers of the show, as well as those fans of Doctor Who in the past (saving a spoiler from a plot point). I’ve not yet seen Capaldi as the Doctor, yet I was very intrigued by the writing style of Richards.

The Doctor, in any form, is stunning in my opinion. In Silhouette, we see this version’s idiosyncratic behavior—however the way he processes things shows he is still The Doctor. I enjoyed the character of Clara, despite having heard things about the show portrayal that lead me not to be so excited about that character (Where is Donna when we need her?).

Fans of the show will love the appearances by Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. I adore the Sontarans, for some weird reason, and this is why Silhouette does not disappoint. We see plenty of Strax and get to hear him interact exactly as expected. Even those ‘extra’ characters in the books make a real impression on the reader. I was invested in what happened to those extras and wanted to know what happened before I finished/closed the book—I was not disappointed.

As I’ve said, Justin Richards does a great job of creating a visual and believable representation of the Doctor Who ‘verse in Silhouette. Fans of the series can appreciate this, as well as people not too familiar with the series—there is a little bit of backtracking, but not distractingly so.

I’m not so blessed to live in England, or to have access to BBC or BBC America, so there are times when I have ‘Doctor Droughts.’ Random Houses’ Broadway Books imprint makes those of us waiting on new Who to have a little bit of our favorite physician at all times, in perfect episode-sized bites.

This book is available in ebook and physical paperback from Broadway Books from most retailers. It released on September 9, 2014. It is 256 pages and can be found at your favorite retailer by searching under ISBN: 978-0804140881

::Review:: The Crystal Slipper by Selena Fulton


I was sent an e copy of this book, in advance of its publication, in exchange for my honest review.

Life Itself is the most Wonderful Fairy Tale, according to Hans Christian Anderson. However, in the real world, we’ve lost the will for this sort of thinking. There are deadlines to meet, and it always seems like the evil stepmothers and witches are getting their way. But what if there was still a place where fairy tales existed? And what if people from the real world were made aware of this?

Celinda Branham works as a librarian in Florida, keeping her head down and trying to live ‘the life of least resistance.’ However, when an errant gift from the Christmas party’s white elephant exchange lands in her hands, Celinda’s life becomes a lot less ordinary. Preston Chandler has been searching for the glass slipper as a means to save his sister, cursed by a witch. But getting the slippers is only half the battle; Preston finds himself with riddles to solve and needs Celinda’s help in order to solve the puzzle before times runs out. When he starts falling for this ‘inner’ beauty, Celinda questions his motives—does he genuinely care for her, or only because of the power Celinda has in breaking the curse?

I was really impressed with Selena Fulton’s story. She turned what could have been formulaic into a charming story with characters that I could see and even identify with, to a certain extent. It was a pleasant surprise. While the riddle was very easy to decipher for someone NOT in the story, the pacing and actions were believable. At just over 220 pages, this was a quick and enjoyable read.

Celinda was really amazing—she was real and honest and came off the page in a stunning way. There was nothing contrived about her. Her reactions seemed believable and like my own, if I had been pulled into this. Preston’s ‘quest’ was admirable, but I also felt like I questioned his motives. I mean, he bought some really great presents, but I was questioning his sincerity from the first bouquet of roses. It wasn’t until later in the story that he redeemed himself, much like the prince in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Fulton does a really great job of writing her ensemble cast. Tamelea is someone that you want to hate and then turns into a really great friend—as someone whom has had this type of friendship, I understand the progression and Fulton handles it in a believeable way. Raven, the ‘witch’ is even multi-faceted in a way which readers would not think—there are more characters, but I don’t want to give anything away that might detract from the classic ‘fairy tale’ portion of this novel.

Part of the Covet Imprint, The Crystal Slipper is a great introduction to their paranormal series—I am really happy to see this novel as part of the imprint. It is well written, following archetypes, but not formulaic in the way that romance readers may be used to. The contemporary language and believeable characters make this a must read—I’m definitely going to check out more from the author after reading this. Fans of Once Upon a Time or the Mercedes Lackey 500 Kingdoms series would love this, as well as people new to the genre.

The Glass Slipper is out today, and available at your favorite e-tailers… Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes for $0.99–it’s a deal!

Check out author Selena Fulton’s website here.


::Manic Monday:: 09/22/2014

In the last week:

I participated in the #TackleTBR (Tackle your TBR) challenge hosted by Wishful Endings.

I read Oh, Africa! by Andrew Lewis Conn.

I finished the Tackle your TBR challenge with about 50% of my goal.

I wrote about Banned Books Week.

Sheila even has a giveaway for Banned Books week.

Not only is there a sequel to the Rosie project, but I get to read it before it comes out in the US in December-ish 2014!!!!! *Sorry for the run-on sentence, but I am terribly excited!!!!!

As always, it is Monday and Sheila at Book Journey is asking us what we’re reading…


Here’s What I am reading:

images (1)images

I have recently introduced my husband to Steve Alten’s series about the Megladon. This is the second book in the series (if you don’t count the prequel, Meg: Origins, which is currently free on Amazon). And Melissa De La Cruz’s book is definitely different than the tv show–I am finding a lot of differences. Look for my review this week.

What about you–what are you reading today?