Happy #FCBD


Happy free comic book day!
What did YOU get today?

This Reader’s Life:: ABC Book Review Podcast

I have a friend whom just recorded her first special guest hosting of a bookish podcast.

Check out the podcast on ABC Book Review.

I was very surprised at how likeable this new-to-me podcast is—and I immediately started to follow them. I wholeheartedly recommend this episode because of the content (graphic novels, awards and even an adult ‘book club’ book is reviewed).

What are your favorite podcasts

Share Your Cup Thursday :: April 30, 2015


I found one of the coolest memes recently, and figured I should share.

Share Your Cup Thursday is hosted by Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson. They are celebrating 147 posts of this right now, so be sure to check them out.

Now, as most of you know, I live in California. Southern California. It has been a very, very  hot week. So that has meant I have switched out my hot tea for iced tea (which is usually what I prefer anyway).

Now, since I have been using the Keurig to make my iced tea, I tend to prefer using plastic tumblers, so that I can refill the ice a lot. And, it works pretty well for me. So, while this is not a real ‘cuppa’ it works for me on so many levels. I introduce you to my Tervis UniKitty mug!

Inside is normally some variation of black iced tea—I love adding my favorite teas using my refillable K-cup.


What’s your Cuppa look like today? Please share below.

Incoming :: April 28, 2015


Wow! I just had one of the coolest mail days of my life. Here are the books I got today. The one on the bottom, was provided by the publisher (they emailed me asking for a review, I said send me a copy—and they did!). The top one, well that was a buy all for me. I saw they were out of stock on Amazon, but then I needed to pick it up—and I snagged a copy. It was awesome, very excited to dig in and do some mail art challenges from this book.

Also, you can see some of my geek collection—there’s a Batgirl (with a cool magnetic stand), a Pop Vinyl with Malcom Reynolds (Nathan Fillion’s character on Firefly) and Mara Jade. The ladies were purchased for me as gifts, but as soon as I saw the Mal, I knew I had to snag it on my own.

What about you? What have you gotten recently? Do you like the above (my attempt at styling photo)? Do you like them better than the normal cover photos? Share your comments below!

It’s Monday, April 27, 2015, What are you Reading?


It’s Monday, April 27, 2015. How is it already almost May?!?  Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, Monday is a great day to take stock of what you’re currently reading, via It’s Monday, what are you reading?

I like it because it holds me accountable. And, because I succeeded at the 120 books read in 2014 (via Goodreads), I agreed to read 200 in 2015—I’ve done it before, and for many years read at least that many, but life has come in the way. But, beyond that, I want to publish more reviews this year. I have so many that I’ve written that have not been transcribed. This is a huge oversight and does nothing to help my cause. I need entries to make everyone interested! This is a predominantly a review blog and without those reviews, I have nothing to offer. So, provided I read an average of 15-20 books a month, I can do this! And, I would love to hear your thoughts.

I am just at my average goal—need to post a few more reviews that I have neglected to post, but so far I am on track to hit 200. Yay!


This week:
I am reading the following books:

I am also checking out a friends new blog. And would absolutely love it if you would stop and give her some love (Kristi blogs at Soul-Positive.com). While she is just starting out, she has such a strong and wonderful message (I especially loved last week’s Friday Feels, because it is completely something I can relate to). The past few weeks have been annoying, but I really cannot complain—I am a very lucky person. I met her through a project called #OneLittleWord last year, and have continued to work with her this year; Kristi is definitely a friend.

What are you reading today/this week? Please share in the comments and link to your blog so I can visit. Also, if you don’t want to leave a comment here, why don’t you check out a new blogger and give her some love?

GothamGal On:

batgirlGothamGal is a devoted comic fan. Reading comics from an early age (TinTin, Archie, Katie Keene and much more), she has recently revisited her old interest and is branching out into the streets of unread comics and graphic novels! While she favors DC Comics, Marvel is slowly winning her over—but Vertigo, Image and IDW have so many new things to offer, she might just say she’s a comic fan—with no labels. She fights for literature, education and the right for ALL to read comics!

once-final-1--119105As a self-confessed fan of fairy tales and comics, Marvel’s Once Upon a Time series has been a treat (Check out my review of the first book, Once Upon a Time Shadow of the Queen here), so when I heard about the second book in the series coming out, I knew I needed to pick it up.

Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past contains four chapters, each following four different characters from the television series. Captain Hook, Belle and Rumplestiltskin, the Evil Queen and the Mad Hatter are the featured characters in each of the chapters. Each of them are captured at a critical period of their experiences, that shape them into the characters we know (and sometimes love) through the tv show today.

One of my favorite stories featured Captain Killian Hook. I love seeing Killian as a multifaceted character, especially on the Jolly Roger. He has a great rapport with his first mate, and it was hard to make the decision he had to make—but it was done in a believeable manner.

One of my least favorite stories was the one featuring the Hatter. I loved the CONCEPT of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but I felt like the series missed the mark—and it was cancelled within the first season. While I feel like the writers and artists did well within the Hatter story in this, I wish they would have picked someone else to feature. There is no problem with the execution of the story.

The hardcover volume contains a fully-covered dust jacket. Underneath the jacket is a really nice book, similar to Henry’s storybook featured in the tv show. There was a great bonus section featuring costumes and concept art.

Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past is available  as of this week from your favorite retailer in hardcover or eformat.

A three hour tour

So we started off at Hallmark today, then to lunch and what should have been a trip to the stationer’s before running home and then getting ready for our musical theatre date.
After lunch, plans got changed. The stationery store decided to close for lunch just as I got to the door and she did not even put up a sign. So we went exploring and found a bookstore.
Darn it!


The bottom three are mine. The top three are his. And we will share the middle two. The Martian, I do not want to read (I can’t even watch Gravity or Interstellar without almost passing out), but it was on the 3 for 2 table and this adorable teenage boy recommended it, despite the (whisper) profanity.
Can I admit I love having a husband I can share books with?
Also, I picked up some stationery at the bookstore.


All in all, a win. It is rainy and I feel like I want to curl up and sleep a little before we head out to LA proper.
What are your weekend plans? Can you rethink a gameplan quickly when things don’t work? Share your strategies below. And happy Saturday!

5 Fandom Friday : Games I love to Play





Each week, 5 Fandom Friday (a brainchild of the nerdy girlie and super space chick) asks a geeky question and prompts you to answer them as well. Check out my answers, and share your link below with me so I can check it out!

Now, I wholeheartedly admit that I am much better at playing games than I used to be, thanks in part to a board game intervention hosted by a mother of my mom’s friend about 25 years ago. We played until I lost gracefully. And now, it is an art. I love to play games!


Firefly: The Game has a lot of things going for it. But the best thing, perhaps, is the fact that after my husband and I played it, the first question we had was, ‘When can we play again?’ Granted, it took over 4 hours to play the first game, so it is very similar to doing your taxes, but it is so pretty and so much fun, you forget that stuff. Unless you kill Kaylee and two other people very early on in the game and you just have your Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) card to keep you warm and safe (which I did).


I saw this being played on Tabletop, and yeah, it needed to happen. 5 expansions later, and we are STILL having fun with it. We learn more and more each time we play, but it is still a great game BUT there are a LOT of pieces to keep in order, so I recommend getting all expansions, because you get extra pieces to carry things in. We don’t yet have the cards for the specific part of the game, and I am okay with that—it is a ton of fun to play this and figure out the different races and classes. A friend of ours got Swamp Dwarves and I still giggle whenever I try to think of them.

819B7O 5vnL._SL1500_

Whenever we play this with family, it is an amazing game. Lots of fun, easy to play—and if you have enough ziplock bags you can easily put this in a suitcase for easy transport to a tropical destination.
I’ve won and I’ve lost and can say that it is fun either way. It’s also another Tabletop game.




tokaido game spread alpha

My final Tabletop purchase is just BEAUTIFUL. Tokaido is a lot of fun (my brother even picked up a copy) and the best part about this is realizing that even though it seems zen and peaceful, you can totally screw up someone’ s vacation very easily… Darnit! I stated my strategy.

And, as a blast from the past, I offer this gem:

What are your favorite games? Please share below!

GothamGal on: Once Upon a Time Shadow of the Queen


GothamGal is a devoted comic fan. Reading comics from an early age (TinTin, Archie, Katie Keene and much more), she has recently revisited her old interest and is branching out into the streets of unread comics and graphic novels! While she favors DC Comics, Marvel is slowly winning her over—but Vertigo, Image and IDW have so many new things to offer, she might just say she’s a comic fan—with no labels. She fights for literature, education and the right for ALL to read comics!



InfoboxShadowAs a fan of fairy tales AND comics, it was a no brainer to pick up Marvel’s Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen. Detailing part of the backstory between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman, Shadow of the Queen is a compilation of a few issues of the comic, featuring characters from the hit ABC tv show and goes perfectly with the first season or two of the series.

While the Huntsman is no longer on the show, this sets up valuable information about the relationship he has with the Queen. While her henchman, he eventually fights back and gets his heart back, however, in the process, he goes to save another life and ends up indebted to the Queen again (as viewers of the show will attest).

Featured in this, were the Evil Queen, the Huntsman, Red Riding Hood and Snow White. As the current storyline does not feature Red, it was nice to see more about her—she is most definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. And, seeing how she interacts with the pack is even cooler! She and the Huntsman are both working to exercise their characters.

At 112 pages, this also include about 12 pages of exclusive artwork, mostly exteriors and interiors. It is really pretty and it was nice to see what they were envisioning while they were creating the concepts for this story. The scene was definitely set.

While it could be very simple to take Once Upon a Time and turn it into Fables, the writers of Shadow of the Queen really sets itself apart from that series. It retails its character and maintains the people we love to see on the small screen every week.

Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen is available from your favorite retailer in hardcover or eformat.