30 Days of Lists, the awesome and easy project that allows you to list your ‘right now’ in 30 days is back–and the minds behind the project are having a blog hop so listers can get to know one another and spread the word about this awesome project!

For my 30 days of listing today, I am following the prompt, Books I’d like to read this year:

Now, as you all know I have lots of books that I want to read; who doesn’t.

This year, I want to read the following that I currently own and just have not read:

download (5) download (4) Joyland download (3) download (2) download (1) PrideandPrejudiceandZombiesCover download

These are all books I own that have been just sitting, and the reasons why I haven’t yet read them:
Landline: I love the author, but I am worried that this book, because it is about a broken-ish marriage, might be a little stressful and sad.
U: I want to love this book, but it was supposed to be 2014 First book and I never had time to sit and read it fully. I picked it up and forgot it a few times.
Joyland: I adore Stephen King, but wonder if this will be scary–I want it to be like one of those ‘remember when’ kind of books, non sinister.
The Windup Girl: I just never picked it up. Weird
Outlander: I used to say Heart of Darkness was the only ‘i’m bored, let’s sleep’ book, but this one and I keep struggling.
Emma: Block on Austen, that’s all I can say.
P&P&Z: I FINALLY read Pride and Prejudice last year, so now I deserve to read this!
Planetary: Most amazing comic ever, from what I’ve been told. And WARREN ELLIS! But the thing is huge. I got it at $45, but it retails for around $80.


What about you? Are there any books that you want to read this year? I think the following books would go a long way to decimating Mt TBR.
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