Most Mondays are really rough. After all, we have two days of AWESOME and then back to the scheduled grind of it all. However, today is shaping up to be a good day. I snagged a parking space about an hour ago on the street, which puts me in line for street sweeping tomorrow without losing my mind (I, at some point, should write a post about that, as I have heard there are people who don’t plan their parking and it might just be funny!).

I played with some watercolors and some Wink of Stella glitter pens. Which was a lot of fun! The cat knocked over my ‘rainbow cup’ that has some of my most colorful art supplies—and I would never have thought to try wink of stella without being reminded it was in there once the cat knocked it over.

Also, have a few cool new ideas for reviews that I want to try this week. And I am thinking they are just what the doctor ordered for a little ‘it’s too hot to deal in October.’

I got some massive writing done this weekend, card and letter-wise. Sent out a few postcards, some thank you cards and four thick, glorious letters written in fountain pen on my La Papierre SSS subscription box. Win!

All in all, a pretty good start to a week, despite it being a Monday.

How is your Monday awesome? Please share in the comments.

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