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This week, we’re covering Favorite Fan Fictions. Fan fiction is typically stories written by people who enjoy a particular show or movie. I used to write a little, as a writing exercise in college, but it has been a long time since I have actually read it–mostly because I was scarred by a fic. 

Anyway, Rainbow Rowell’s main character in Fangirl writes Simon Snow fanfic–he’s similar to Harry Potter. And, due to the popularity of the book, she’s releasing an actual BOOK that has a Simon Snow story in it–so I’m choosing Carry On by Rainbow Rowell as my first favorite fic, despite not yet reading it!

So the rest might be cheating a bit, but these are sites to get fic!

Fanfiction.net is the largest, I think, on the internet. And it literally has combinations that you never thought existed.

Tumblr is another great site for all things FAN related. 

Next would probably have to be fics from Lower Decks, I used to read a lot of this in college. It looks like it might have been discontinued, but it was pretty cool back in the day.

I used to read so many on Livejournal, it wasn’t even funny.



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