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In honor of WonderCon this week, I will focus on fangirl stuff, convention heavy!



I met Nicholas Brendon on our way out of Point Break Live in LA a few years ago. Though I hadn’t seen Buffy yet, I remembered my friends talking about him, and decided I needed to get a picture. He was really nice and accommodating.




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I got to sit next to Stuart Gordon during ReAnimator: The Musical on it’s premiere. Since there were not any seats, I was perched on a stool, next to the soundboard he was sitting at. He was SUPER nice, and I loved my seat. Stuart additionally directed the movie and is an actor.







Peter Beagle and I met at Wondercon a few years ago. I told him about my Aunt, who had a love of The Last Unicorn, and unicorns in general. He was an amazing listener and made me want to just hug him—he hugged me!










This is the 2nd time I met Mike Grell. This was at WonderCon a few years ago and he didn’t have a line. Which, in itself is a tragedy. As a result, I got a ton of time with him, and he is quite lovely. Go for Green Arrow, and stay for his stories! He even sketched for me. <3




Pittsburgh Comic Con was my first con in a long time. And, I got to meet Tom Savini, who has a school for practical effects AND has done a lot of work in front of the camera. He was lovely, incredibly lovely and I really enjoyed my whole experience, prompting a resurgence in going to more and more cons.

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