So I bought a TON of books in the last two weeks, at least that’s according to my Nook email…

Here’s what I got.

He’s in bad shape, so I wanted to support him in a small way (at least). $0.99!

Expanded edition is under $10. Want to try and re-read it. I remember loving it!

Got sucked in. Under $3—need to get back to writing The Last series!

Only $0.99! And it’s a scrappy cozy mystery. Yay!

Sequel to a book that I just read, and it looks adorable!

New Year’s Eve special $1.99. Waited until the price went down & got tablet!

SMTB made me get these for $0.99/pc. LOL

See Above

See Above

Spooky, believeable book…. Been on my wishlist for a while!

I dramatically read the synopsis of this and needed them. Thanks SMTB!
See Above!

Sequel New Adult book that I heard good things about.

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this. Will check it out.

New adult I’ve heard a lot about—so I wanted to read it!

See dramatic reading of synopsis…Thanks SMTB.

For work!

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