I am such a toast girl, but with the holidays (and a formal) coming up soon, I have to start planning ahead.
So I am trading in my toast for something a bit more filling. Chia seeds.

Here is the yummy breakfast, with greek yogurt, honey and raspberries with chia seeds:

Chia yogurt AlwaysReiding

And here is the first set of overnight oats I have made. Chocolate ones with raspberries. And they are not as sweet as I had hoped. Also, they are really filling!

Overnight Oats AlwaysReiding

I don’t eat oatmeal because of the runny consistency and texture, so I was nervous. These are really firm and it has taken me almost 2 hours to finish them!
I think I liked the yogurt better, but the filling aspect of the latter is so nice. I can forsee myself snacking a lot less with these as breakfast, and my green tea.
Have you eaten chia or overnight oats? Do you have any hints or words of wisdom to share?

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