When I got my DSLR last year, I was over the moon, but I soon learned there was a steep learning curve. When saving items in Raw or even fine JPG format to my memory card to give myself something to work with later, I was having a HUGE problem with the pictures having a weird sheen on them (like in the photo above on the left).

I was annoyed. Here I had all this technology, and I could only post on FACEBOOK without that weird sheen. This is not what I intended.

But I learned about a really cool option in Photoshop (through the Creative Cloud-photography subscription) that made this a snap.

Go to File/Scripts/ImageProcessor:

You can save the images (and even folders) and batch edit them in a certain size or format, along with copyright. It’s also super awesome because you can run actions, but more on those later.

I’ve made a download to help, once you’ve ‘found it’ it is a super easy thing to do…

What do you want to learn about your DSLR and Photoshop? Comment below.

Author: gothamgal

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