Stage Kiss

Stage Kiss: Mountain Creek Drive #1 by MF Lorson

Erin and her friends met the first day of school, calling themselves the Backpack crew, owing to the fact they all rocked ‘the same Care Bears backpack.’ Now in their junior year, the four young ladies have developed their personalities, but are also all up for Homecoming Queen. Erin comes from a long line of Homecoming Queens in their small Colorado town of Marlowe Junction,

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Each Monday, The Book Date asks what we’re reading…  Please visit the site to link up your current list and hold yourself accountable. Also, you can visit some great blogs who are also doing this meme… It’s pretty awesome. This is what i have planned to read this week:

All of these books are ARC copies I’ve received from publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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The Roanoke Girls: Breathing Life into an uncomfortable theme

Lane Roanoke only spent a year at her family home, but the events there still haunt her. While she’s living in California, she receives a call from her Grandfather, beckoning her to return to the family home in rural Kansas. It’s been years since she’s been to Roanoke (the family home), but she knows it is serious when her cousin,

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I’ll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led Me to America’s #1 Daytime Drama

To most people, Eric Braeden is known as Victor from the daytime drama All My Children. What most people may not know is the strength and character of a man who went from being born in Nazi Germany to his star-studded life as a popular American television actor. In I’ll Be Damned,

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That’s So 90s Pop! A Fill-in Activity Book

I REALLY wanted to like this book. In fact, when it was recommended to me by Clarkson Potter, I was really excited and decided to review it in exchange for a copy–thank you Clarkson Potter Publishers. It’s packed full of 90s pop music artists you know (P!NK, Mariah Carey) and artists you may have forgotten about (B*witched, S Club 7). There’s even a Carson Daly mask in the book.

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The Polygamist's Daughter
The Polygamist’s Daughter

Anna LeBaron is the daughter of a man who had over 50 children. Her dad, Evril, was a wanted man because he killed anyone who tried to leave his version of Mormonism–a cult-like child-bride-marrying version of the faith. Anna, her siblings, and the wives Ervil kept adding to his ‘stable’ were constantly on the run. Somehow, Anna survived and shares her story in The Polygamist’s Daughter.

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Disclosure: I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s.

While I was born in a bigger city, we moved to a small town out of state when I was young, so I became intimately aware of the little things associated with living in a small town.

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Each Monday, The Book Date asks what we’re reading… Please visit the site to link up your current list and hold yourself accountable. Also, you can visit some great blogs who are also doing this meme… It’s pretty awesome.

In the last week, I read 4 books–I am super happy about this, as two were on my list for last week!. So, without further ado, here are the books I am currently reading!

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Format Matters: Ebook Vs Physical Book

040810_1333_TimeGoesBy1.jpgI’m going to be a bit revolutionary today.

To some readers, format matters. I’ve seen ebook only readers, and I’ve seen physical book only readers… People, we shouldn’t be fighting over this! We’re readers, we enjoy things that most of the population can only hope to enjoy–yes, that’s true. However, when you’re judging me for carrying one e-reader versus eight books in my bag,

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Kayla Rae Whitaker’s The Animators


I’ve always been a fan of good animation. From the Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers and Popeye as a child, I graduated to the Disney afternoon and Batman: The Animated series and then Liquid Television, Aeon Flux and now, Bob’s Burgers. When given the opportunity by its publisher, I knew I needed to read Kayla Rae Whitaker’s The Animators. I am very happy I did read it!

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