Nick Hornby is one of my favorite books, and I really enjoy his take on many subjects. In his newest novel (out on February 3, 2015), the main character is a BBC funny woman in the 60s.

He talks about it in this interview with The Atlantic. And obviously I am not the only one excited for this book. I preordered it on my Kindle, but I think I would love to read it in ANY format. I usually read Hornby on planes, because they make me happy and forget that I’m mired in the gunk that is travel.

This time, I will be reading Hornby at home. And I’m perfectly happy for that.

Also, I love British Comedy. Whom is my favorite British Comedienne?

Mollie Sugden (the colorfully haired one): *Note she’s talking about her CATS!*

Or Patricia Routledge (Keeping up Appearances):

Whom is your favorite British Comedienne?  Do you read Hornby?

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