So I now own a Kindle Fire HD, a Nook Tablet and a Nook Classic.

Whoa, right? That seems very excessive to me. I started with the Nook 3G classic soon after they came out–and I love it. However, I wanted to read a few things with color (for review and otherwise), and had the opportunity through my job to take a good discount on the Nook Tablet. However, Nook soon moved onto a Nook HD and I was not super excited with the lack of support of a device, in my opinion, that had a lot of assets. So I moved onto a Nook Fire HD. Now, I do manage to use the two ‘tablets’ on a regular basis.

The classic Nook is going to be borrowed by my fiancee to read some of my bigger books (Harry Potter, anyone)? Love the .epub format.

The Nook Tablet is used for the Nook books that I purchased from Barnes and Noble or that do not have a Send to Kindle option.

And the Kindle, I use for work, and I read. AND there’s this amazing feature that allows me to send books directly to the Kindle, which I really love. It’s so simple and easy. I haven’t had any issues at this point with the Kindle, two months in, but I have a good feeling that if I did have an issue, Amazon would help. I love that it’s so easy to use the Kindle like a tablet, that there is an emphasis on music, and apps and books–and so much more.

I never thought I would be a Kindle girl, I love going into bookstores. And I still do (go local, independent bookstores)–and that will not change. However, with the money I am SAVING on the Kindle, I have more money to spread around at bookstores and other things. And that’s cool.

So there are my thoughts…

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