I decided to bring back ‘Finally Comic Friday’ once I realized that I missed it not being around the blog.

Note: I am a geek and I love to read comic books.

I signed up for Marvel Unlimited after snagging a one month trial for just under $4.

Marvel unlimited is a way for fans to read digital comics from the Marvel library, on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

My kindle does not have the app, however I am able to read them on my phone (which I don’t do because even though I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s still ridiculously hard to read a comic on the screen!), and I’ve preferred to use the internet browser to read them.

So far, I’ve read an Avengers vs Xman book (vol 1) and Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (vol 1).

So far, I am also unimpressed. Apparently there is a few month delay for the books, and the library is VERY limited. I started reading a series only to find that it was severely limited. I understand marvel needs to be making money, but from a consumer standpoint, the limited catalog doesn’t justify the even heavily subsidized cost.

I will be finishing up the trial, but cancelling–the service launched in the 1st quarter of last year and is still suffering a lot of the same growing pains. I think, however, I will probably be continuing to buy through Comixology or my local comic shop.

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