I’ve tried to simplify this year and devote more time to important things. I also got married and have a house payment, so my February challenge for an Amazon No Buy is a necessity of sorts.

What is an Amazon No Buy? I am challenging myself not to buy books from the Kindle store this month–rather, I’m spending time reading the books I have and am to be reading for various tours and challenges.
I’ve been tempted, most definitely, but I’ve not bought one of those Amazon daily deals. This payday, I did not rush to pick up something from my wishlist.
I did pick up a couple of blogging books from some indy sites, and those will be going on my Kindle, and I also bought some physical books from a local book store that was having a signing.
I wanted to see how much I actually spent on Amazon books in a month, and to see if I could resist the urge–I am able to pick up free books, but I am not allowed to buy any Amazon books. It’s just so easy to pick up Kindle books, and I find that I have a LOT of books that I need to read, so it was just time.
Have you ever done a #nobuy? How did it go?

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