It is SDCC2014 weekend. While I am driving people down, the arcane ticketing system did not allow me in to purchase a ticket (despite queueing the same amount of time as my husband, I never got to buy a ticket and everything sold out 30 minutes later with the 3 ticket cap). So, you can honestly say #SDCC2014 broke up a family.

I have plans for my own fun, though. Speaking of fun, Marvel Unlimited is running a 99 cent promo for your first month. Yeah, totally awesome. Use SDCC2014 as a promo code through Sunday to sign up. After a month you will be back to $9.99 a month. For back issues it is great!

Comixology is also killing me with deals. Seriously check them out. I may go crazy with the next email I get from them.

I also picked up this from Image Comics. It features really awesome art, cool lady characters (who are STRONG) and has a playful RPGS feel.

What comic related things are on your radar this week?


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