GothamGal is a devoted comic fan. Reading comics from an early age (TinTin, Archie, Katie Keene and much more), she has recently revisited her old interest and is branching out into the streets of unread comics and graphic novels! She fights for literature, education and the right for ALL to read comics!


How did you get your name, GothamGal?

Well, I’d had a particular username since 1998 (Stargal98) because I was in love with the symbol of a star and wanted to give myself carte blanch to explore another part of myself when I rediscovered comics in college. And GothamGal was born. GothamGal started when I realized there was a really cool show on the web, called Gotham Girls. And DC released a 5 issue story right around that time, that I snapped up because of the artwork.

I’ve been proudly GothamGal ever since.

What inspired your username? Sound off in the comments below!

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