#FRC2015 Beth Kendrick's Put a Ring on It

This is another great book I’ve found, thanks to the #FRC2015 at Book Sparks University. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this book! I had the biggest smile on my face throughout reading this book!

Brighton is having a really bad day. While being dropped off on the way to work, her fiancee, Colin, asks for the ring back—she’s just not interesting enough for him. Being an actuary, she spends a lot of time working on statistics and taking the safe sources. However, she decides to play hooky and leave work early and make her way to a friend’s place in Black Dog Bay (recently voted the best place in America to bounce back from a relationship)—and while waiting for Kira, she makes friends with Lila, the local jeweler. And then she meets Jake at the local winery.

Colin calls to tell her he got married at first sight to a random woman he met on the boardwalk, Brighton anger is fueled—along with some drinks. Soon she’s drunk, next to Jake and the two agree the ultimate revenge would be to get married. A quick trip on Jake’s corporate jet and a bribe to the guy at the drive-through chapel later, Brighton wakes up in Vegas MARRIED. After Jake convinces her to stay in Black Dog Bay, she starts following her passions by designing jewelry at Lila’s shop…but as she settles into the quickly-wedding wife of a multimillionaire, Brighton wonders if it will last. And when people from both their pasts show up, Brighton begins to have some doubts…Is Jake in this for the right reason, or is she just another playboy game?

After reading this, my first Beth Kendrick book, I am certain I will read more from this author. I love the stories she create and the characters. I was sucked into Brighton’s character and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I loved the inner struggle between what she was doing ‘to pay the bills’ versus following her dream—I have definitely felt this way.

I felt like the way she approached the marriage was definitely something I could identify with. While my husband and I dated two years before getting married, there are definitely times where I wonder who this person really is next to me. Only because we haven’t known each other for EVERY second of our lives. Brighton is a little more nervous than I apparently was—but I also admired the fact she got married in Vegas on a whim in the first place. And, when she finally does leave him, she’s not petty. I feel like the leaving was the worst part. And it just left me with more questions.

Kendrick ends up tying up most loose ends by the physical end of the novel, but it did not feel rushed or rehearsed. It was nice to be able to have a complete story. I do wonder, however, what the future brings to Brighton, Colin and the rest of the residents of Black Dog Bay.

Quote which resonated with me: ‘Are you coming back to my house or do I have to go all Lloyd Dobler with a boom box outside your friend’s house tonight?’

Cameron Crowe references in books help me realize that these are perfect for me to read and enjoy—but I could be biased, as I’ve always enjoyed his films. Besides 80s movies, what other types of movies make a guy in a trenchcoat with a boom box standing on a front lawn blasting Peter Gabriel seem so awesome and romantic?

Check out Put a Ring on It by Beth Kendrick when it comes out on November 3, 2015 in paperback and audiobook. Or, pick it up in eBook format! It’s an awesome read, and you won’t be sorry!


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