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I am super happy about my Bloggiesta performance over the weekend, and I feel like I am getting back on track from all the craziness I’ve had with work and also the OCD things that I want to track on the blog.
I hope to Periscope again this week, when I have a bit more time. I sent the husband off for a lot of mail to be sent this week, but may still have another round to go… Let’s hope payday happens soon.




I am so happy that Sheila posted her list today, and here is mine:

Yep, Jem is back. My 80s heart is a little excited!




And, it’s PUNKY POWER! What?





I cannot believe this is a graphic novel now, but I am happy it is!





This is a review for the blog, thanks to the people behind #FRC2015, Booksparks!




I am almost done with this series, and I am sad to hear of Jackie Collins’ passing.




This just looks so intriguing. I love the idea, and want to get in touch with my geeky side by reading it!




My friend wrote this!  I am going to review the ebook of the second one, and the audiobook of the first one.








This is the NovelTea book pick for September. It is out of my comfort zone, but I Am excited to read it.

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