Since discovering Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten, I have enjoyed reading about strong paranormal women. Katie Salidas’ Pretty Little Werewolf offers the opportunity for fans of paranormal novels the unique perspective afforded to a young, female lone wolf.

Special thanks to publisher Rising Sign Books and PR firm Mark My Words Book Publicity for offering me the change to read a copy of this book, in anticipation of its June 9th release date.

Giselle is used to being by herself. Stuck in the foster care system, she has been alone and moved from foster home to foster home ever since she can remember. Now, she’s in Vegas, a far cry from the Pacific Northwest her inner wolf craves. And, the placement in her new foster home is nothing like she has experienced before—and she realizes there is more than meets the eye to her new foster family. As she escapes out the window on her first night, allowing her inner wolf to come out, but allowing her to see her foster family in a whole new light. Suddenly, Giselle is pulled into a family, a pack—and this lone wolf is surrounded by wolves and witches at school. Going from being ‘the only one’ to being the norm in her environment is definitely a switch—and there are rumblings about her new family she isn’t sure if she believes. But, after so long of being alone, will she care if the people that WANT her aren’t squeaky-clean?

Katie Salidas’ novel is a fantastically written piece about life as an outside and as a teenager. Filled with an ‘everygirl’s’ experience, with a supernatural twist, it’s a great book to start the summer with, or even grab so you can pull it out at the beach.

Gabrielle is such a believable heroine, I found myself pulled into this world easily with her authenticity.

I look forward to more by Katie Salidas, and you should, too. It is available on Amazon currently for under $1. Check it out at your favorite retailer today!

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