I sent out the following. From the upper left, postcard to an iggle, an overdue letter to an LEP member. A welcome RAK postcard to an LEP member, a postcard to my parents (inside job), another RAK to an LEP member, a postcard to my mom (whom adores Bambi), a RAK to an LEP er, another RAK for an LEP er, two netflix discs (Girls season 3) and a letter to an LEP member regarding  a swap—it contains 100 things all about me. Weird, right?

Also, speaking of weird, I thought I was going to return one of the Girls discs and not the other, but then I finished the other disc and needed to send the both back. I am still not sure how I feel about the show. Parts make me celebrate the writing, other parts make me question humanity. The last series I got from Netflix was season three of Veep. No question about how I feel about Veep—I adore it!

Have you gotten any fun/happy mail lately? Have you SENT any? Share below!

Author: gothamgal

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