Reality Ends Here by Allison Gaylin

Estella is best known as the big sister of the sextuplets you see each week on Seven is Heaven. While she balances teen life and reality stardom, she is a bigger fan of being a good sister off-camera and reading the myriad of books she has in her room. When a ghost from the past manifests itself on the set, in the form of a mysterious package,

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24 in 48 Readathon

One of the themes of my reading life is never actually reading during the hours of a readathon. There’s something that always comes up and ruins the plans I had for my reading goals. NOT this time!!!!
24in48 is actually hosting a readathon on a weekend where I don’t have a lot going on. I think I only have part of a day at work AND a meeting in the afternoon.

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Lady X’s gossip sheet tells all and it leaves everybody talking.
All new material out January 23rd – It Started with A Whisper Box Set
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Title: It Started with a Whisper: A Historical Romance Collection
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Release Date: January 23,

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Mini Bloggiesta: Feb 3-4

This one I cleared my calendar for, so we’ll see about my plans. This is my master list of what I want to accomplish:
❏  write two reviews
❏  update categories and tags
❏  update Goodreads reviews
❏  do a mini challenges
❏  Update fonts in my AnyFont plugin
❏  comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs
❏  participate in at least one Twitter chat


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Stage Kiss

Stage Kiss: Mountain Creek Drive #1 by MF Lorson

Erin and her friends met the first day of school, calling themselves the Backpack crew, owing to the fact they all rocked ‘the same Care Bears backpack.’ Now in their junior year, the four young ladies have developed their personalities, but are also all up for Homecoming Queen. Erin comes from a long line of Homecoming Queens in their small Colorado town of Marlowe Junction,

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First look at WEB OF FROST by Lindsay Smith!

A too-young queen must learn to control her powers in order to save her empire, but can she trust the man who’s taught her to use her gift?


The saints of Russalka work their blessings in mysterious ways, allowing the royal family to perform miracles for their people. But the young princess Katza fears her powers.

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Get a First Look at THE BASTARD’S BARGAIN by Katee Robert!  

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert delivers the final installment in her sizzling O’Malleys family series, hailed as “The Godfather meets Romeo & Juliet.” In THE BASTARD’S BARGAIN Dmitri Romanov must use his legendary focus and control to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the ever-shifting power plays of New York City.

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Breed: A Novel by Chase Novak

It should be noted that this was on my kindle for so long that the cover changed. The first cover was creepy because it had the bloody silhouette of a pregnant woman. This cover is creepy because it has a quote from Stephen King about how good it is.

Alex and Leslie live in New York, pretty close to being in the 1%.

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Dead by Sunset by Ann Rule

Ann Rule is pretty much the top of the barrel when it comes to true crime. I was excited to finally read this book, however it took much longer than anticipated.
Cheryl is married to Brad Cunningham. The two have three amazing young sons and while they are very combatant, each tries to do their best to leave the children out of their fights and acrimonious divorce.

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Sharing You by Molly McAdams

KC leaves her prison-like existence behind and moves across the country to follow her dream of opening a bakery. She immediately makes friends with her store’s neighbor–Kinlee. Kinlee and her husband take KC under their wings and try to fix up KC, but KC meets Brody and everything is over–the two are enveloped in powerful love and nothing will stop their heat.
Except Brody is married,

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