Recently, I decided to give Amazon Prime another go. And, I was thinking I would pass along my experience with the system.
I like the idea of prime–it works well with my Kindle AND I get to see some great instant videos. Since we’re not opting for cable when we move in together, having a great source of relatively inexpensive entertainment is great. And, at $79/year, it works out to under $7 a month (under what I pay for different things on Hulu and Netflix!). I have problems within my Visio tv accessing many of the titles, but they look great on the wii and the laptop!
But, you also get great shipping on things you buy from Amazon–while it’s not everything, there are a LOT of things the discount applies to–and a lot of it is stuff I buy, LOL.
One thing I don’t like is the lending library. It was really hard to find a title (there should be a direct link through the site, versus just on devices, IMO). And once I did get a title, I could only get one for the month–this, too, felt like a punishment. 

Granted, these are free, lent, titles, but I expected more of this particular aspect of Amazon Prime. For fast readers like me, the single title per month is almost a deal breaker.
Once my free trial expires, I may not continue, but so far I have been mightily impressed and look forward to exploring more of Prime.
Having just moved, the shipping has been problematic–I was in the house and things were delivered by USPS, Fedex and UPS, however the Amazon items that each of these companies delivered took additional trips to the post office, delivery notifications and much more. I was able to express my unhappiness to Amazon, and they gave me a $5 credit, but I just want to be able to have a blanket–‘deliver my stuff’ request for the company.

Do you have amazon prime? What do you like/don’t like about the program?

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