AlwaysReiding_ComeAwaywithMeCome Away with Me by Kristen Proby (Seattle series #1)

Natalie is a happy photographer, focused on creating shots she can frame to sell at local businesses and having a couples boudoir business, when she is accosted taking photos on the beach. Luke thinks she is taking pictures of him, and as an intensely private person, he doesn’t like the idea of ANYONE taking his photo. A few steamy hot sessions of intimacy later, Natalie finds out Luke is a famous actor, known for his action vampire movies… But the two of them are pulled into a purely physical relationship and they cannot seem to step back from that. But will Luke’s possessive nature conflict with Natalie’s independent nature?

I felt like the pace was great. But there were a few moments where I wondered if my original estimation of the genre was warranted. I felt like some of the character’s ‘problems’ were offset by the AMAZING circumstances they found themselves in. There seemed to be few problems, and so much money. I felt like it was almost like the intro episode to a new nightly soap opera.

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Who would read this: Fans of the contemporary romance genre or newcomers, like me, who are interested in getting into the genre. Or, if you read SBTB and want to read why people didn’t finish this… LOL
Time to Read: 3.75 hours
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Funny Story: A friend of mine wanted to get a totebag from The Ripped Bodice. The second name of the books on the totebag was unrecognizeable. I thought it was Proby, but wasn’t sure. I called them and they recommended this series and confirmed the name. Woot! I saw this for free and decided I MUST read it. And through one sickness fueled weekend, it helped me not focus on being sick–so yay!
Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this, despite a few things requiring suspension of disbelief. That being said, however, it was a fun read and I cannot wait to read more of the series. As my first foray into romance, I think this is a great introduction to the contemporary genre, at least from a skeptic’s point of view.

I saw a cool Pin on Pinterest that featured characters someone thought might be close to the main characters.

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