When I heard of the too-soon passing of Joan Rivers, I decided I had to take the opportunity to read one of her books, and I decided her mystery novel was the perfect place to start.

Max Taylor is doing her usual red-carpet interviews at the Academy awards, alongside her daughter, Drew. When Drew’s friend and hollywood ‘it’ girl, Halsey Hamilton, shows up semi-naked and fresh from rehab ONLY wanting to give Max the story, Max agrees. Soon, though, the interview is cut, and a VERY inebriated Halsey is dead. Max feels something is not right, and even though Drew’s no-good boyfriend may be the culprit, Drew’s pleas get to her mother—leading Max on a journey across multiple freeways, including a stint in rehab to solve the crime.

I love a good amateur sleuthing, and when I can combine it with an event I enjoy, even the better. The Academy Awards is a perfect event and definitely gives me some pointers in my own writing for a massive event like the awards.

Joan’s and Jerrilyn’s styles compliment each other—they present a great whodunit with real (and archetypes of) celebrities, and a LOT of fun.

The saddest part in all of this is that a cute series is no longer going to be continued, due to her passage. I think, thought, that I would definitely check it out, if revived, posthumously.

I really enjoyed this book, it was fun to read and get my mind to escape to another, happier world. I recommend this to people interested in celebrity news and events, or people whom enjoy cozy mysteries. I picked mine up via the ereader store, check it out at your favorite retailer today!

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