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I enjoyed The Rosie Project last year so much that when I heard about its sequel, The Rosie Effect, I wanted to read it immediately. I was over the moon when I was offered an electronic copy by the publisher, in exchange for my honest review. If you haven’t yet read the first book, this review may contain spoilers.

Don and Rosie are living in New York, half a world away from their lives down under. They are married, and the last thing Don expects is the surprise Rosie outlines for him—they are going to be parents. While Don researches the best way he knows how, Rosie begins to throw herself into her schoolwork. Gene leaves his wife, and moves in temporarily with the couple, and Don gets arrested and tries to keep it under wraps. But, when the due date looms, Rosie starts making plans to go back home, and Don must get out of his comfort zone to show his wife how he really feels. But, will it be enough to convince Rosie that he’s serious?

Graeme Simsion writes a character-driven story, with characters zany enough to believeable, and yet awkward enough for people to hope they are just fictional. Simsion’s writing presents a fresh voice that the world is in need of.

Additionally, I was really unhappy with Rosie’s behavior. She was horrible. She was rude, and it wasn’t just hormonal. Rosie is the most unsympathetic character I have read in memory. She was terrible in this book.

Don’t character continues to be fresh and unique, and it makes me want more from the author. I was able to think up what Don might do and dismiss it just before he did it. It was great.

This one didn’t have the ‘oomph’ that the original had, and I think part of that was because of Rosie. I wonder what Simsion might be doing with the next one—hopefully it doesn’t focus on Rosie. Don’s growth in this novel and look forward to any further adventures. It is currently available in hardcover, audio or ebook formats from your favorite retailer.

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