I am big on writing things down. Like insanely big on it. Mostly because of how my brain works. If I write something down, I remember it, I guess it is an old habit garnered from school years. However, it has served me well in life after school.

In elementary school, everyone had to buy an assignment notebook (once we moved back east). From then on, we had to write things down and were spot checked or even graded sometimes on the contents of said planner. Towards the end of high school, that fell to the wayside, but by then I had a filofax, or dayrunner of some type because I was buying my own. When I went to France as a teen, I picked up a Quo Vadis planner and took it back to school with me and substituted it for said school-provided planner because it was perfect bound and you could tear off the little tabs. Then there were some spiral bound and even some binder-type planners along the way (including a Lisa Frank one in college, Ha!).

In the last few years, I have steadily been amassing a collection of moleskine planners, because the quality and the binding spoke for themselves. That changed last year, when I bought one for myself (The Little Prince), one for my husband and then I found out about Inkwell Press (I don’t know that I like the tagline ‘Planners for Women,’ that seems new–I need a planner for a Woman like I need a pen for a Woman).

It’s a little big, so this year’s goes into a bigger purse, but I like the lines and the fact there is a bit more room to write versus the moleskine (I write journals mostly in moleskines so they are still getting my money). I will go further into details on my next planner post. I am also working on a way to use my physical planner and a phone calendar.

Do you have a planner? What do you like to use?

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