I waited and waited, convinced I would be able to hit up my local bookshop in time to pick these up on release day, but it is not to be. And, considering I can wait at home and they will be DELIVERED to me, the answer was clear. With the money I save on these, I will be able to put more money into local bookstores… You know, they say if you spend a hundred dollars a year locally, you’re doing something awesome. We try to do more than that–for each of us. And this definitely represents an opportunity to do so!

I read To Kill a Mockingbird as a young adult–as part of a children’s literature class. I fell in love with it. And Ernest Cline is amazing, from what I’ve read of his first book, Ready, Player One.

AlwaysReiding,com: My newest TBR,
AlwaysReiding,com: My newest TBR,

Are you waiting for anything to come out? Are you waiting for these books? Do you ever preorder books? Please share in the comments.

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