Happy Mail ::Holiday Mail Dates::

The USPS went above and beyond today and published the dates for holiday mailing this year–this is PRICELESS information if you are like me and send letters (you know, partially to keep the lines of communication open and partially because YAY!). These are the dates you need to keep in mind for domestic items:

AlwaysReiding_HolidayMail And, in another stroke of genius, we even have international dates–check them out here:

Do you send holiday mail?

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I got the Happy Mail box for 2016 today. While I am excited for the surprises, I feel like some of the products are a bit of a letdown. Check out my video for more details:

Is there a favorite place you go to get cards? Please share in the comments below.

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I am working to show more of my happy mail to you. So you can see how much fun I have with mail and you can get enticed to try it for yourself. 🙂
The Moose card is from an LEP swap about summer plans. The letter below, on map paper, is from an LEP member. We started exchanging based on a swap and now answering this letter will be our third letter writing cycle.

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