Sure, I read fairy tales. I love them in comics, movies and ESPECIALLY books. And, when there is a lovely retelling, I am there. The problem is that once I have read the book, I look for everything else in the same vein from the author and then all sorts of craziness happens. Enter T Kingfisher’s Bryony and Roses, which was recommended to me by digging through the recommendations on my eReader, of all things! How crazy is that?

Bryony is the youngest of three sisters who grew up in the Capital, but ended up in the middle of nowhere. Their Father died soon after their fortune was gone, and the girls are sharing the small cottage even the debtors didn’t want. So, when Bryony leaves the cottage to pick up some rutabaga seeds, she expects to get home to her sisters quickly. But a big snowstorm diverts her to a mysterious, magical manor. And its resident Beast.

Bryony is allowed to leave the mansion to tie up loose ends and pick up some of her gardening supplies and her favorite plants. Soon she is back in the mansion, and the magic within becomes a part of her daily life, including the Beast. He asks her daily, will you marry me, and at each dinner she states she will not. And as she works in the garden, dark things come to her at night. Will she be able to figure out the mystery of the mansion, and the Beast. But, once she figures out the mystery, will the darkness stop, or will it just get darker?

This was my first T. Kingfisher novel, but I feel like it NOT be my last. It was a quick read, and I really enjoyed it. Fairy tale retellings can be hit or miss, and I think that it was extremely successful—there were a lot of good things that happened in the standard ‘plot’ of the story, but there were enough differences to make it interesting. I loved that Beast had a hobby! And it was a bit steampunk!!!! I was also shocked at the Belle reference—that was completely unexpected.

Why this resonated with me: ‘As long as she had been able to read, she had been prone to read passages aloud to anyone who happened to be in the room.’

This is totally me, this is my life. I cannot tell you the number of times I just start reading aloud in public or in private… I like reading, from song lyrics to book passages—because I feel like I can share my experience and the way I feel about a book with someone else. It becomes a moment where we can connect. That’s the magic of books, while no one can really experience the same thing reading it, there’s a connection. 

Why this book got into my head: ’The next few days settled into a routine that was actually rather pleasant, insomuch as being held captive against one’s will in a giant enchanted manor house with a somewhat sarcastic Beast could be.’

This is very similar to something  I would say to someone. ‘Things are great, apart from this insanely weird situation.’ I don’t normally realize the things I say are that weird until after it comes out of my mouth. Sometimes I don’t even realize it comes out of my mouth.

This book is available in ebook and audiobook format from your favorite retailer today!

Have you ever had a electronic-based recommendation work out for you? Share with me in the comments below. If you have had the WORST luck with them, please share even MORE in the comments below!

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