1. I LOVE waking up when I don’t have to go to work!!!!! That needs to be the new normal soon, at least for my sanity.

2. I got to go to a lovely DISNEY wedding today. I need a magical Disney vow renewal sooner rather than later (or not)… It was amazing to see some good online friends get married in my neck of the woods.

3. Back spasms are not fun. REALLY not fun.

4. Apparently when you have #3 down, you are to ICE for the next two days, not heat as I would normally do.

5. The Ice packages from the Dove Chocolatiers program makes amazing ice packs and, in a towel and a ziplock, are really fantastic at healing #3 (I’ve only had 4 spasms so far).

6. The reason I probably had a spasm?

(Hint: It’s called Karma)

Also, I tried to put a few things in front of the window so she wouldn’t sit there!!!!

How is your Tuesday?

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