While we adopted the marvel superheroes line of disney infinity the day it came out, we have not really been paying attention to the classics line of 2.0.
Also, we recently brought a ps4 into our lives. So focus has been on that system and learning the ins and outs.
Frye’s had the 2.0 system for $29.99 today. You can get the game disc, the game platform that allows you to use different characters, two classic characters and two game discs, along with a card for the electronic visions.


I never thought of Stitch or Merida as classics, but they retail for ten to twelve dollars each. And the two game discs retail for $19.99 by themselves.
I have already tested it and it works with my Marvel superheroes (long live black widow), so I am awesomely happy that I was able to snag it.

Do you play Infinity?

Author: gothamgal

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