Travelogue: A Weird Trip to LA

Today, we went on a weird trip in LA.  We had some errands to run up in Los Angeles, and afterwards decided to go grab a bite to eat. Since we were close, we wanted to head to Clifton’s… It was closed for an event, so the 10 minutes of free parking came in handy.

Then, as anyone in LA knows, we got stuck in some crazy traffic. We couldn’t figure out why it took us 20 minutes to go less than 2 miles (apart from the annoying one way, no turn streets). We stumbled upon a premiere of a movie–Baby Driver. There were celebrities everywhere. And then we turned around. The Grand Central Market looked closed, so we passed the Last Bookstore (which made me really sad–I wanted to shop, LOL).

So then we decided to hit up our favorite part of time and see La Golondrina. Which stopped seating 2 minutes before we got there…. Our luck was TERRIBLE, lol.

 We each grabbed a taquito at Cielito Lindo (the best taquitos in LA, for sure) and their avocado sauce and then hit the road for greener food pastures. When was the last time you took a little trip, thinking it would go one way, but it ended up completely different, and still awesome? Share your story in the comments below, please…

Author: gothamgal

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