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10 Great Websites for Book Reviewers

10 Great Websites for Book Reviewers

AlwaysReiding 10 Great Websites for Book Reviewers

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One of the first ‘musts’ for reviewers, NetGalley is awesome because it allows you to sign up for upcoming titles. Once you set up your account, you download digital copies (via your ereader or Adobe Digital Editions) and give your honest review. Not reviewing will impact your numbers, so be sure to only sign up for the books you know you’ll read.


Edelweiss is similar to NetGalley, but made for people who order books as well. The site allows for networking and inventory management. You get approved (like the other site) and then get opportunities to review the digital books. You will need access to Adobe Digital Editions or an ereader to use Edelweiss.


is the first social network for ereaders that I ever heard about. And I’ve been using it for a LONG time. You can track books you are reading, participate in reading challenges, answer trivia questions about books, participate in book groups, and follow your favorite authors. It’s a LOT of fun. You can even friend me.

AlwaysReiding 10 Great Websites for Book Reviewers

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Bookriot features lots of book-related articles, with an emphasis on popculture. This site is great if you want to know what to read before Summer’s biggest blockbuster, as well as great lists that will help you close the gaps of ‘what do I read next?’


Do you find searching for book deals daunting? Bookbub is for you! You’ll get emails with free books as well as reduced price books from all over the web. It’s full of books you may have heard about, as well as new to you authors in your favorite genre.

The Page Turner

The New Yorker’s official book page talks about literature, book reviews, and writing. Fans of the New Yorker will welcome the voice of the physical publication in the criticisms and conversations. There are cartoons, poetry, and even a crossword section.

The Rumpus

The Rumpus is an online literary magazine with interviews, essays, critiques–as well as a healthy dose of original poetry and fiction. There are subscription-based book and letterwriting programs for those who want to seek out like minded individuals.

AlwaysReiding 10 great websites for Book Reviewers

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Hello Reads

You can use Hello Reads (and its upcoming app) as your digital bookshelf and meet readers who enjoy the same books you enjoy. This site will ask you what book you read last and then it will help you find someone who enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) the same book.


Bustle continues to be ‘the premiere digital destination for young women’ and it shows. Since 2013, they’ve had a book section tackling all manner of relevant literary articles and books to add to your TBR.


This site is just pretty. You select from one of five categories of fiction and you’re off. If you are too shy, check out the book club tips and get tips on NetGalley, as this is an offshoot from the review site.


This, by no means, is a complete list, but this may help you get a few of those few things that you really need to get set up. If you have other sites, feel free to drop them below.

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