I ended up with 5 hours last night, and am well into hour 9 today. There were some unexpected things that came up yesterday, but I am pushing through it. So far, I’ve finished 2 and almost a 3rd book, and then I have two more earmarked for today. I think the next time I try this will have to be during a weekend where I can be at a hotel or completely away from the world–yeah, we’ll see how that happens.

I’m also choosing a few books to read for a private book challenge I am partaking in this year–one that focuses on a TBR list, which is nice. It means I can finally cross off books I’ve been bad about updating, as well as books I haven’t read ‘just because.’ I hope to donate them to a group via bookcrossing later this year–we shall see if I ever get my Bookcrossing supplies.

How are you doing on this readathon?

Author: gothamgal

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