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+3 to Initiative: A Review of Rat Queens Vol 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth


GothamGal is a devoted comic fan. Reading comics from an early age (TinTin, Archie, Katie Keene and much more), she has recently revisited her old interest and is branching out into the streets of unread comics and graphic novels! While she favors DC Comics, Marvel is slowly winning her over—but Vertigo, Image and IDW have so many new things to offer, she might just say she’s a comic fan—with no labels. She fights for literature, education and the right for ALL to read comics!

I was super excited to read this, particularly since I enjoyed the first volume so much. I even persuaded my husband to read the first and second volumes (he is an avid RPG’er) and he enjoyed it.


The four ladies who make up the Rat Queens have been enjoying a lull since dealing with the events of volume 1. However, when they realize that there are mysterious forces at work, their pasts come to help or haunt them and they are called to save the town (and possibly the world) from the tentacles of N’Rygoth.

Volume two gives readers the chance to learn more about their favorite rag-tag bunch of lady-venturers who kick tush and take names. Do they have what it takes?

Of course they do. Hannah shows off something very surprising under her hair, while Violet deals with the backlash from shaving her beard. Dee’s relationship with a cult religion is brought to light and Betty just wants to get along…

Volume two of Image’s Rat Queens shows a little more about our favorite female league of awesome. And while the subject matter might be a little mature, it is an awesome storyline.

Check out the paperback version of Volume 2 of Rat Queens, currently available at your favorite retailer, today!

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