31 Days of Awesome

Today was an awesome and a not-so awesome day. I was hoping to receive Rainbow Rowell’s book, Carry On today, but it was not meant to be. UPS did not update their site very timely, and Amazon did not have information, either. It would appear UPS mis-scanned the item. But, have no fear, because awesomeness abounds…

I lived in Ohio for just over 20 years, having moved there when I was almost eight years old. I did not have the best time in elementary through high school, but college was SO AMAZING. After college, it was even better because I connected with my tribe, the people of my heart. It was so hard to leave them 5 years ago, but we did.

And my parents and ex-neighbors got together and got me chip dip (Smiths) and Jones potato chips. Win!

Author: gothamgal

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