Sunday can be the worst day ever, because it’s just around the river bend to Monday. But, today has been a pretty good day despite that.

I got to get a yummy cobb salad (no egg!) at Woody’s–it is a family-favorite!

We have had the roughest time trying to catch up on shows we normally watch together–the ‘SMART’ tv in the bedroom is a bit anti-smart, due to the fact that it is about 5 years old, and a little on the cheap side back then. The solution for us, was to get something that would work and extend the signal–because we barely get anything, despite it being within 30 feet of the router! The Amazon fire tv stick with voice sounded cool, but we worried we might miss out on some shows (Hulu doesn’t keep all shows indefinitely) while waiting the 2 weeks for it to be available. The second was Apple TV, but the one that would be available at the end of this month. Apple TV with storage would be great for the things I’ve bought on iTunes in the past 10 years–because otherwise it is almost only on the tv. In the end, we made an awesome choice (at an even more awesome price of $75!):

We LOVE it so far! It took about 10 minutes to set up, from the wireless to connecting multiple accounts… WIN!

Finally, just as the new season starts, I was able to watch and get hooked on this show, and just finished it today!

How awesome was your Sunday? Share in the comments?

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