31 Days of Awesome: Always Reiding

Today, the heat is still around, but I have been able to do some writing (which is AWESOME) in its own right. I have also been able to plan/strategize a few things that I did not think possible.

We lost two Vizio remotes, but can happily report we live in a world that remotes are not necessary. I downloaded the Visio app to my cellphone and can now access two tvs in the house—at least until we FIND the remotes. If we watch something before bed, I put the remotes on the sill of the window above our heads—this morning when I woke up, just the Roku remote was there, and my husband states he did not use/take the remote. I’ve torn the bedroom apart, and while I have been unable to find them, I am not stressing—which is awesome.

While we had a minor bank issue today, it netted the Habit—their burger is AWESOME. And I am continuing to get a few projects knocked out. Yay!

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Author: gothamgal

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