31 Days of Awesome: Always Reiding

Happy Monday! You know, I am having so much fun with this project, focusing on the awesome. And it is working. I really love the mindset. I am working on reading, and keeping up the books read excel sheet (which is working REALLY well) that I use to track the books I read (funny enough, I found lists dating from 2005 of books I read!).

I am also finding time to read, which is REALLY nice. Right now, I am 7 books into the #15in31 challenge, which is super awesome, too! And, we STILL adore the Roku (it is only a day old, LOL). It is making the incredible heat bearable (especially when the neighbors make us close our windows, without air conditioning because they smoke terrible-smelling things that smell like dead skunk and raccoons).

I even had time to make a video. Look—I love the look of my eyes!


How was your day today?

Author: gothamgal

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