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31 Days of Awesome : Day Twenty-Five

31 Days of Awesome - Always Reiding

Happy Sunday! I woke up a little rough today, super dehydrated/sinus-y. I blame the new weather. It is a bit overcast. I took a few headache pills and am on my second cup of ice water as I write this—the ice water helps a bit.

And toast makes it even better. Since our showers are limited due to the drought, I am saving my showers until the evening. So it is a lot of eucalyptus oil and ice… And I think it is working.

Other awesomes include a trip to see Grandmama, birthday coupons for Hallmark and Ulta and possible grocery shopping. I want to try Courtney’s chicken in the crockpot dish described on her website. We were both on blogger a long time ago and connected there—now she’s an amazing published author!

I was reminded of a time that I was happy I had chosen my husband. We went to a Fleetwood Mac concert at the end of last year. I cried a lot (happy tears) during the concert—because I couldn’t believe I was there. And I adore everyone in Fleetwood Mac (especially Lindsay Buckingham’s unique guitar style). Anyway, Lindsay performed one or two solo songs while other members of the band were doing a ‘half time’ of sorts and at the end of Lindsay’s song, my husband stood up and clapped for a very, very long time. Now, I have to say that it is extremely hard as a musician to impress my husband as he was classically trained on the piano and was in a bunch of choirs (even toured Europe and sang at Notre Dame!). He doesn’t listen to a lot of vocals, because he’s just more into the music. And to see him stand up like that and give credit to someone whom I admire, that hit me hard. I told him how happy I was that he liked him.

So yeah. It’s not just living awesome, but remembering awesome, too!

How is your Awesome day?

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