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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

You might have read my post about Saving Money with Groupon Coupons, but there is more to Groupon, especially if you like saving money on a ton of different items that change daily! That’s right, if you click on the Groupon link above, you’ll be taken to the page to see some really cool products via Groupon Goods. I love the site because you can get notified of items you might need in selected categories. But, Groupon Goods is also fantastic for buying gift items.

I’ve purchased a few things here and there, mostly tech items for stocking stuffers and the occasional jewelry item as a quick gift. But looking at the site, I’ve seen some pretty cool offers, most under $10. What would I pick?

This BluTooth Waterproof Speaker. I used to listen to the radio in the shower, but haven’t had access to a radio in the last few homes. I might even be able to listen to an audiobook in a bubble bath! That rainbow one is pretty, but let’s face it, the purple would go so much better in my bathroom.

This group of It’s a 10 hair care products is totally worth just under $11. I got the sample of their leave-in hair conditioner in a Birchbox a year ago and fell in love. This is a great deal for all that you get–I cannot wait to have these on hand and see what my hair looks like!

In this digital age, plugging in electronics can tax even the most well laid-out home. That’s why we need a few of these outlets, as they have USB AND traditional grounded plugs. I think a ton of our tech headaches could be solved by using these. And could you imagine how the guests would like to be able to plug their devices in one outlet when staying with us?

Groupon Goods is definitely a site you need to be checking out on a regular basis. You can sign up for their emails and get notified in your inbox, or just head on over to Groupon and search for what you need. Or, head on over to Facebook and Like them to see offers in your newsfeed.

What do you think you need to pick up? How much can you save with Groupon? Please share in the comments below.

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