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5 Fandom Friday:: Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows




Each week, 5 Fandom Friday (a brainchild of the nerdy girlie and super space chick) asks a geeky question and prompts you to answer them as well. Check out my answers, and share your link below with me so I can check it out!



This was a hard choice, especially since I couldn’t find my copy of my favorite binge-worthy show!!!

download (1)

I used to have all of the first 9 seasons of CSI on DVD, but I left them with someone, and now they’re MIA. No matter, Hulu, in a move that made me utterly swoon, added all 14 seasons of CSI to their subscription service recently, so I was able to catch up on the 5+ seasons I missed.
**Please note, I stopped watching at one point, due to reading a really awful fanfiction story. Let’s just say it was two characters I could not look in the eye (via the tv) after what happened… It was rough.


Oh Lifetime tv, how I miss your 4 hours of Golden Girls programming a day. It made it so easy to just sit and relax. I am eagerly anticipating some service streaming this show. I would watch from episode one, all the way until the end… As an added bonus, spinoff Empty Nest would be appreciated, and maybe Mama’s Family if you want to continue the senior citizen comedy thing.

Thank YOU for being a friend, especially if you’re reading my blog.


Okay, there’s some explaining I need to do with this. Bookstore working means discount, so a few of these might have been purchased at work. However, others were on sale or special on other sites. So yeah, I have seen the first season completely (I think), but have a lot more to catch up on. I am less likely to watch ALL of my dvds because they’re around, versus something on streaming that may expire, if that makes sense.

And, with the passage of the head writer, I like to think that this is a connection to the A-Team (yet another wholey streamable show).


When the price of this dropped on amazon and I picked it up, there was a whole lot of binge watching.

I took it on my birthday weekend to vegas, and I either was in the hot tub reading, or in the nice air-conditioned suite with this little baby.

Another Mike Judge show I’d love to own to watch over and over again? King of the Hill.


This show brought so much awesome comedy out into this world, yet few people know of it. That’s sad, but also great because then I can introduce people to the show.

I love the pudding clip. Favorite one of all time.

My whole family and I would giggle and laugh about this show. I’ve only met a few people who have even heard of it, but those who have love it so much!


BONUS: And, finally, here is the show I wanted to share, but did not get the opportunity to show you:

download (2)

What are your favorite shows?

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