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A REAL Housewife–Kyle Richards’ Life is Not a Reality Show


A REAL Housewife–Kyle Richards’ Life is Not a Reality Show


Kyle Richards is best known for either her stint as an actress in Little House on the Prairie, or as one of the founding housewives from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However you know her, she seems to be a straight-shooting woman who takes her jobs as Mom and Wife seriously. In Life is Not a Reality Show, Kyle tells readers about her thoughts on life, how she grew up and how to brush ones hair properly. And which products she spends money on compared to what products she buys (beauty-wise) at the drug store.

I feel like the tagline from the current season (about Kyle knowing luxury) is directly at odds with the message Kyle is trying to make in this memoir/self help/etc type of book. Also, I feel like this book was trying to be a bunch of items, rather than focusing on one or two central ideas.

Who would read this:Fans of real housewives or the celebrity memoir field.

Time to Read: 2 hours
Rating: 2.5/5 hours

Funny Story: I had picked this up a long time ago, but just now got to read it.

Final thoughts: i feel like kyle would write a different book now based on rhobh compared to what has happened in the seasons since she wrote this book.

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