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Amazon, What are you doing to me?

Amazon, we have to have a talk.

Seriously, I was doing so well. I stopped buying those daily deals from the emails you send me every day. I was doing SO WELL.

And then you just HAD to let me know that two wishlist books published THIS YEAR were under $3.
I love Donna Tartt’s books, almost as much as Curtis Sittenfeld. This is a great steal at under $3–her books are so long and detailed it’s well worth it!

I don’t know much about this book, other than I’ve heard a lot of good things and the cover drew me in. A LOT.

And, because I was already there and saw the new Stephanie Plum at a steal for $6,99, I just HAD to partake–it was still $11.99 yesterday!

Have you picked up anything good recently?

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