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And We’re Back!

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And we’re Back, even Moira knows!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post, and for that, I’m just blaming life. The last post happened last Summer, and it was mid-pandemic. I was focusing on my book goals, as well as trying to determine what my blog was to me. I’ve always considered this a place where I share things, but the pandemic totally made it hard to share those things; I felt that everything was just so connected to everything else, it was hard to find time to do things I enjoyed (like this blog).
I met my goal of reading 300 books last year, and I’m hoping to do something similar this year (I’m in the 50s so far, but the year is young). I carried my reading over to the StoryGraph, which I’m still learning about. I like the idea of a reading and book community that grows with the audience. Yes, I still enjoy Goodreads, but I feel stymied by their app sometimes. Anyone else?
So what have I been up to? What do I want to share? These are great questions…

What I have Been Up to:

I finally tried the Kindle Oasis (affiliate link). And it lives up to the hype. I enjoy that I can flip the device vertically and put the buttons on either side as I’m reading. It works well for me at night. There’s less pain in my wrists because I’m holding it properly and not having to extend my thumb in a weird way to advance the page.
My third year of the Bookworm Life Planner (not an affiliate link) makes me secure in my decision that I really like this tool. It has completely helped me track my monthly challenges, the 6 bookgroups I’m in, and more.
I’m still working on growing my Bookstagram account. If you want to be friends and connect there, please check me out. I follow people who follow me and work on organic engagement. Let’s be reading buddies on Instagram!

What I want to Share:

The Harvard Business review has 8 ways to help you read more every year.

Like it or not, BookTok is a real thing. Who is your favorite Booktok account? Did you read something specifically because of Booktok? What kind of content do you link there?

I joined Book of the Month (affiliate link) so that I could stay in tune with what’s new in reading, without just relying on my library or Kindle. If you want to join, I get a credit, and you get a good deal. It’s not necessary, but appreciated.

Anyway, thank you for reading and your patience. Comment below with the best book you’ve read in the last year–I can’t wait to hear about it.




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