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Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw



I have made no secret of my love for Image Comics–titles like Lazarus, Rat Queens, Bitch Planet and The Fade Out. I have been branching out to reading more and more of their titles, and have not yet found a series that has spoken to me in one way or another. When I received a copy of the Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw from my brother as a birthday gift, I was really excited to read it, and boy, am I glad I did.

The population of the Flying City has lived in relative caste-like harmony for years. But when their town is attacked and falls to the ground the animals who populate the city are at the mercy of the elements and the evil Bison who raid their camp and kill the members of their society. But, the magicians try to gather as much magic as possible in order to fulfill the needs of one last spell–so that they can summon a champion that will save them. But, when a man appears, so different than they ever would have imagined, should they trust him?

The Autumnlands is a really awesome book. I love the concept, the drawings and the story–not necessarily in that order. It’s just so PRETTY! From the lines, to the coloring–it really is a work of art. The colors that were chosen were amazingly well. And appropriate for the city in the air, on the ground, in the champion’s home and even in the enemy’s territory.

I felt like I immediately needed to read the next graphic novel once I was done with this–but I am patiently waiting…

Challenges: Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw satisfies the following challenges:
Popsugar Challenge: A Book Recommended by a Family Member

LEP Reading Challenge: 8. Graphic Novel or trade paperback
Read Harder Challenge: Read a Non-Superhero Comic that debuted in the last three years

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