Every little girl may dream of a twin, but in practice sharing everything with one or even two others your exact age (including a rota of 4 months for a bedroom of your own, until you have to go back to sharing a room) can be terrible. Just ask the Kettle triplets.

Cat, Lyn and Gemma weathered a lot growing up, but now in their 30s, it is even worse. Their long-estranged parents get back together, Lyn starts having panic attacks in parking lots, Gemma finds love and Cat’s husband leaves Cat for the sister of Gemma’s lover. All of the Kettle girls lives are messily entertwined, and those around the girls find themselves sucked in. But for once, the firls are truly divided—will it be enough to propel healthy changes, or terrible events?

Liane Moriarty’s Three Wishes continues on the trend of a fun and quick read—perfect for the upcoming beach weather. There are funny moments, sad moments and poignant moments, sure to be enjoyed by Moriarty fans and those new to the Australian writer.

I adored Gemma, especially because she finds herself not identical to her siblings, and also wanting to please. She doesn’t want conflict. And she has been through so much that she keeps within herself, showing only herself the strength that the others do not know she possesses.

Lyn is also a great character—she has everything and works for everything. She is given to doing it all, and most think of her as the one who CAN do it all. And before the panic attacks expose a vulnerability, it looks like she does. She is the mother of not only her sisters, but of her entire family.

Cat was a bit awful, and while I did not like her, I still did not want to see the things that happened to her—they should not happen to anyone. She seemed very aggressive and I felt like she was the ultimate foil to her sisters.

I felt like the novel was just the right length—and it stopped in just the right place. Veteran novelist Moriarty tied up all potential plot issues carefully, in a nice, neat package.

Overall, Three Wishes is a nice and happy-ending story, perfectly enjoyable as a beach read or something for just before bed. It is available in your favorite format from your favorite retailer—pick it up today!

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