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Best of Intentions: AJ Banner’s The Good Neighbor

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I am always on the lookout for something similar to what I have previously enjoyed. I  am also always looking for a deal, so when the Kindle Owners Lending Library said ‘here’s a book like Gone Girl,’ I decided I wanted to borrow it.

Sarah McDonald writes children’s books and lives on a very closely knit street. When her neighbors return home early, she doesn’t think much of it. Later that night, however, Sarah hears a noise and then sees a fire. Saving the neighbors small daughter from the flames earns Sarah a concussion and Sarah’s home burns down. Her husband, Johnny, arranges them to live in a small rented cottage. But as Sarah begins to piece together her memories (and a life without them), she begins to dig into the whys of the arson, and all signs are pointing to her husband. Will Sarah be able to determine whom is behind the murders, without putting a target on herself?

AJ Banner is a great, suspenseful writer. I found myself devouring this novel the same night I started it. It was a quick, easy read and it was easy to identify with Sarah quickly. This type of talent with world-building and getting the reader invested quickly was a real treat, and I want to read more from AJ Banner.

I felt like I didn’t want to trust Johnny from the beginning, maybe ‘the husband’s at fault’ plotline is too over-utilized.

I also wanted to see the famed mouse painting Sarah lost to the fire. And maybe a little bit of the story she was working on—that would be nice.

Quote which resonated with me: ‘Haven’t you heard the saying a woman is like a tea bag, you never know what she’s made of until you dip her in hot water?’

I just heard this quote recently, like within the last year. And it was just before I was getting ready to go to a ladies tea. So, since that was powered by really strong women, I think that it really fit when I read it, and it still rings true now. What a woman-empowered quote!

AJ Banner’s The Good Neighbor is available from your favorite retailer in a variety of formats—pick out your favorite today. Or, borrow from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and then pick it up in your favorite format after you enjoy it!

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