Bundle of Trouble (A Humorous Cozy Mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1) by Diana Orgain

Kate Connolly is pregnant when she and her husband find out his brother has gone missing. After she goes into labor, she actively beings involved in the investigation to figure out where he is AND why all the people around him seem to be dying. As a new mom, her hormones are all over the place, but she decides to take matters into her own hands. When the PI on the case turns ill, Kate decides to become a PI and solve the case and stop the murders. But as the bodies begin to pile up, she realizes there’s a lot more to this job than she expects–and while she doesn’t want to go back to her office job, her PI job would be the only thing that would allow her to be with her daughter daily.

I liked this story, and I felt like there is some promise to the series. However, it felt like the timing was off. The chapters seemed to have a lot more time pass than would have been expected in an investigation of this type. Additionally, I am not sure if Kate would have been ready, two days after having a baby to start investigating and doing the sorts of things she was doing at that time. Again, it was hard to keep track of a few things here and there because the chapter’s title made it sound like a week had been going on, but in the chapter, it was only a few days…. Weird, but I think I will try out others in this series before making a final judgement.

Author: gothamgal

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