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Called to Action : A Review of Fables Vol. 10- The Good Prince


GothamGal is a devoted comic fan. Reading comics from an early age (TinTin, Archie, Katie Keene and much more), she has recently revisited her old interest and is branching out into the streets of unread comics and graphic novels! While she favors DC Comics, Marvel is slowly winning her over—but Vertigo, Image and IDW have so many new things to offer, she might just say she’s a comic fan—with no labels. She fights for literature, education and the right for ALL to read comics!

As someone whom has been obsessed with the Fables series lately (Just check out the flurry of posts)–I reviewed <a href=”https://www.alwaysreiding.com/raised-by-wolves-a-review-of-fables-vol-8-wolves/” target=”_blank”>vol 8</a>, <a href=”https://www.alwaysreiding.com/a-retelling-of-a-retelling-fables-1001-nights-of-snowfall/” target=”_blank”>1001 Nights of Snowfall</a> and <a href=”https://www.alwaysreiding.com/saving-the-day-in-a-nice-pair-of-heels-gothamgal-on-fairest-vol-4-of-mice-and-men/” target=”_blank”>Fairest Vol 4</a> and Fables Vol 9: Sons of Empire. So when I snagged a copy of Volume 10: The Good Prince, I knew it would be a reviewed item.

picmonkey_image (3)

War is in the air, and finally the residents of Fabletown know it. The leaders of town have been told of Frau Totenkinder’s ‘spies’ and they have spies of their own. However, all of the leaders know that war is coming, but only one has a way of knowing just how closely it comes.

Fly, also known as Ambrose the Frog Prince, has been moping around the office, a shell of himself, as the information about his family sinks in. But, a mysterious coat of armor begins speaking to Buffkin, and when Buffkin accidentally knocks over the coat of arms, he sets in motion Frau’s plan. Ambrose puts on the armor and ventures into the depths of the Wishing Well, far away from even the magic of the old witch. And he starts a quest to build a new Fabletown, showing the Adversary’s minions kindness and prosperity they never realized.

But, closer than anyone ever guessed, lies a saboteur. Someone Ambrose helped out, and will that Saboteur be able to kill Ambrose before he has a chance to save the rest of the Fables?

This was a dark tale, and very mission-centric. The wishing well portion of the journey was really rough—and it was nice to see how those within the well whom were given a second chance. I knew that there would come a point where one of the two saboteurs would do something heinous—proving that there is some evil in the fable world.

I loved the insight into the character of Ambrose, whom has oftentimes been overlooked as Fly. It is a wonderful story, and a compelling read. Now, onto the 11th volume!

Fables Vol 10: The Good Prince is available in paperback and eformat from your favorite retailer or local library.

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