Always Reiding Love is Love

Love is Love

In the aftermath of the shootings at Pulse last year, the call came out on social media for the comic community to ‘do something.’ Love is Love represents what the comic community came up with. So many artists devoted their work to the project (and now Hoopla is giving a donation to anyone reading it via the app), and it came out amazingly.

From fiction to truth,

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Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Vol 1-3

Fans of Henson’s epic have often wondered about the world created within Jim Henson’s fantasy. Within the three volumes of Creation Myths the people behind the movie (and Brian Froud) tell of the world, its creation AND the stories behind the creation of the people who populate the mysterious world.

Aughra is known as the mysterious watcher in the observatory for fans who have seen the movie.

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The Descendants Wicked World Graphic novel

Join Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Ben and all-new characters as their stories unfold in Disney Descendants Wicked World Wish Granted animated shorts. There’s no shortage of magic, mystery, and mischief at Auradon Prep. Princess Audrey, daughter of Princess Aurora, opts for a new hairdo…or don’t? Mal conjures some unforeseen trouble while cheering at Spirit Day. Jordan, The Genie’s daughter, gets some unexpected company at her magic lamp,

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Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Murphy’s followup to ‘Dumpling’ follows the character of Ramona Blue. Ramona lives in a FEMA trailer with her dad and sister, and no matter what no one seems to be able to make ends meet after Katrina. And in this small town, she’s built to stand out–thanks in part to her 6’2″ frame, her blue hair and the fact she was the first ‘Out’

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It Happens in the Hamptons

It Happens in the Hamptons: A Novel by Holly Peterson

Katie Doyle is in a relationship in her Pacific Northwest home when George (the man she is seeing) asks her to move to an empty home in the Hamptons to give their relationship a real try. Tired of his travelling back to his eastern base, Katie moves herself and her son to the Hamptons and take up residence in the small summer home.

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Soundtrack of a Relationship: The Best of Adam Sharp by graeme simsion

There’s a bit of magic in a song. Their tune or lyrics can transport us back into a moment in time almost immediately. When we’re sad, or happy, there may be a song that makes us feel whole again. Sometimes one song isn’t enough–just ask Adam Sharp. Adam has a whole playlist of songs that remind him of Angelina.

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